I was encouraged by my coworkers to join Klesick Farms a few years ago. I now eagerly await my bi-weekly delivery wondering what kinds of delicious produce will be enclosed in my “Box of Good”. Sweet fruit, hearty vegetables, and my favorite what-the-heck-is-that? It’s always a grand adventure of organic healthiness.Agriculture, although a small industrial sector in our county, is vital to the health and wellbeing of all. Community Supported Agriculture is a wonderful way to support local farmers, get fresh, nutritious foods all the while discovering new ways of cooking. About three years ago came an email from Klesick to try a juice cleanse. “How hard can that be,” I thought and decided to take up the “challenge”. I fired up my juicer morning, afternoon, and evening for three days. Afterwards I felt great, so much so that I decided to place an even greater emphasis on healthy living – eating better and getting more exercise. My friends then challenged me to hop off the treadmill and enter a running race. How hard can that be, right? Since then the 5K’s turned into 10K’s which became half-marathons. It’s amazing what a healthy lifestyle can do for oneself – I’m eating better foods, I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I feel great! And, just this past weekend, I finished my first marathon. Thanks Klesick Farms for being there every step along the way!

Curtis Takahashi

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