You’ve probably seen our logo and tagline on our newsletters and delivery boxes. But you might wonder, what’s with a box of good?  Here’s what we mean when we say good: 

1good quality. We hand-select only the best organic produce. You enjoy foods bursting with flavor, and you’ll keep harmful chemicals out of your family’s diet.


2 good variety. Each week, we showcase a bounty of the freshest seasonal and local produce.


3 good nutrition. Organic farmers concentrate on building healthy soil, and that enhances the nutritional value of the foods they grow.


4 good health. Our bodies need a variety of fruits and vegetables every day to fight disease and function properly.  Eating healthy pays dividends!


5 good recipes. We love sharing simple, fun or even inspiring recipes with our customers every week. And you’ll always benefit from useful information on any new or unusual produce items.


6 good value. We’re competitively priced with supermarkets and we deliver right to your door, saving time and resources that are often in scarce supply.


7 good service. Our focus is to bless our customers by helping them eat healthier. From the moment an order is placed to its final delivery, we’re passionate about exceeding expectations.


8 good news. Our newsletter offers insights on local farm and land-use issues, as well as advice from a local naturopathic physician on diet and health-related topics.


Equally important, our business model is:

9 good for the community. Local farms provide fresher foods, greater food security and a smaller carbon footprint for food production.


10 good for the environment. Organic farming improves the health of people and the environment. Farms provide critical green space, wildlife habitat and help control flooding by providing natural runoff during heavy rains and snowmelt.


11 good for the future. At Klesick Family Farm, we’re passionate about speaking to audiences about the economics of farming and the need to protect local farmland. And one of our favorite activities: sharing with school children why it’s cool to be a farmer.

Every time you order a box of good food, you enjoy healthy food and useful recipes. Plus, you’re supporting local farmers, improving our environment and making a difference—a good difference!

For Klesick Farms,


Tristan Klesick