“I love that you guys have the online ordering system that lets us choose exactly what we want and can schedule up to eight weeks in advance. When we first signed up with Klesick Family Farms we explored all the box options; perhaps someday we'll go back to that but for now the "a la carte" method is working really well for us and our menu planning."

Leanore Challenger

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“I gotta tell ya while travel is a true blessing we really comment a lot about how much we miss our Klesick fresh fruit & veg! it's a real delight to return to!”

Joan Douglas

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I was encouraged by my coworkers to join Klesick Farms a few years ago. I now eagerly await my bi-weekly delivery wondering what kinds of delicious produce will be enclosed in my “Box of Good”. Sweet fruit, hearty vegetables, and my favorite what-the-heck-is-that? It’s always a grand adventure of organic healthiness.Agriculture, although a small industrial sector in our county, is vital to the health and wellbeing of all. Community Supported Agriculture is a wonderful way to support local farmers, get fresh, nutritious foods all the while discovering new ways of cooking. About three years ago came an email from Klesick to try a juice cleanse. “How hard can that be,” I thought and decided to take up the “challenge”. I fired up my juicer morning, afternoon, and evening for three days. Afterwards I felt great, so much so that I decided to place an even greater emphasis on healthy living – eating better and getting more exercise. My friends then challenged me to hop off the treadmill and enter a running race. How hard can that be, right? Since then the 5K’s turned into 10K’s which became half-marathons. It’s amazing what a healthy lifestyle can do for oneself – I’m eating better foods, I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I feel great! And, just this past weekend, I finished my first marathon. Thanks Klesick Farms for being there every step along the way!

Curtis Takahashi

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Just received my second box and couldn't be happier. Outstanding produce and quality, convenient delivery, and wonderful and personal customer service. In two weeks, I have felt more valued as a customer than at any grocery store I've ever shopped at. Thank you!

Jessica Hahn

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Great! Great! Great! The food selection, the service, the quality.. we always look forward to our Box of Good!

Cindy Ziegler

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Well packed, delivered to my door, high quality (organic, non-GMO) produce and saving me a 30 min round trip with my 3 kids to the grocery store mid-week! What's not to love?!

Kara Talenga

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Ordered my first juicing box from Klesick Family Farms. The quality is *amazing* and all right to my front door!!

Jenny Palmer

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